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Our Mission

To ensure a better support experience in the industry for the customers and for the team.


Because customers are important

Because we value our team

Because there is a better way


We apply the latest technology specifically into ISP support operations, to actively help with support.


How it works

Smart help has arrived

We give you a WhatsApp or Facebook (other options also available) icon to add to your home page for support, Customers can use this by their choice if they wish (to get instant service). Our systems respond to your customer, answering questions, performing diagnostics and even fixes where possible. If our systems can’t do something, they escalate to your team (with a lot of supporting information and tests already done etc.).

It's a Partnership

We are working with you in a partnership mind-set, with continuous improvement to help make your services the highest speed, quality, and profitability. We also look towards increasing your growth rate.

The Business Times

"The smartest product
in the market"


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